The Dolphin Gallery

Installation, string and video


"...his button is not him. Yet that circular piece of plastic, smooth underneath, ridged on the outside and neatly hole-punched picks up the mind, dragging it on a journey through those suppressed past presences. By nature, by defence the memory that emerges is not a replica, a factual recollection of time, within its own time space but an edited, tidied, diluted version. It is perhaps clever how the mind forgets some things and holds others so close. Years of prolonged pain or of timeless uncertainty pass through the mind. Edit themselves and are recalled as the touch of a button, smooth on one side and ridged on its other which caught your attention once when you realised you were happy

The art of memory can also be about forgetting".

1,237 fragments and traces of memory were collected throughout the month of September 2006. After developing a number system that described each object and mathematical formulae which translated these items into three dimensional form, 'Journey' was produced. 


Using 7 stone 3 pounds of string divided into 627 pieces an installation was created which viewers could walk through. A projection of a journey at night by Nat Gillespie was played through the cobwebs of string.