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Every 'a'

Every 'a'

Installation and photographs 

photographs are limited run prints, 193.72cm x 129.14cm

A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else he is rich. In nothing else he is poor.

Every ‘a’ seeks to explore the ways in which obsessive compulsive behaviours can develop in those seeking to exert control over intangible treasures such as time and memory.

Every ‘a’ is part of an extensive body of work called The Newspaper Collection. 26 free identical newspapers were collected, each letter was painstakingly extracted from each until separate jars of ‘a’s, ‘b’s, ‘c’s and so on, filled up. An installation examining just the letters and the newspapers was exhibited in Modern Art Oxford.

The hollow newspapers were later photographed by the artist and abstract images of infinite tunnels and starry nights were created. The collection of photographs became works in their own right of which there are 26 one-off prints, each with their own name.

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