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Studio Space

Installation and happenings, Group Exhibition, Oxford, UK

No space, no place for me and you. Not for the many, only for the few.

In this rather globalising world we are living in, it is blatantly obvious that rather than boundaries disappearing, they seem to be erected everywhere. Yet the quest for solace becomes increasingly impossible in the urbanised  


The Space Collection began when I studied fine art. I originally created a self-contained studio space in response to the overwhelming challenge of creating minimalist work in a somewhat messy, frankly filthy and rather hectic art studios. 


In this piece I created a self-contained studio space which reflected my exact proportions. Meticulously documenting fragments I had been collecting as part of my Memory piece earlier in the year. In a variety of spaces, I spent 24 hours within the space working in a variety of locations across Oxford. 

The latest collection of works see the empty studio space in a variety of locations in London where the public are invited to pay £1 per minute to retreat from the sprawling cacophony of the urbanised life in which we find ourselves. Where can we go? Who will win?

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