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HDR Nature

Nature XS Max, Series of Photographs

Nature XS Max: Super Retina with breakthrough natural and next-generation Neutral Color — wider stereo sound, a beautiful new shiny finish. With the highest pixel density for superb color management and million-to-one contrast ratio. It’s remarkable brightness and true blacks show 60 percent greater dynamic range. This is HDR nature.

HDR Nature is a series of photographs which comment upon the ludicrousy of the modern age. Living life from behind the plasma has become second nature and seeing the world on a screen is now everyday. Natural beauty is only validated when it’s Instagrammable, somehow compromising it’s integrity. 

The piece reminds us to pause and reflect and recognise the limitations of appreciating our planet through the screen of a phone. Though it may be HD, it certainly isn’t 3D. (As long as it’s at least 3G, I gotta post this shit. #nature. #shotonaiphone. #roflmao!!111)

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