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The Dolphin Gallery, Oxford, UK. Installation including found objects, drawing 526.75 x 210.57cm, three books

"Why do I still store memories within the deceptive flat murderous photograph? These glossy two dimensional images I save, categorise and cherish do not really recall any story. They in fact obscure any real memories. My true memories are not so glossy, not so polished, not so accurate. A disaster becomes a scratch in the paint in the wall. Love is the tactility of the shirt sleeve you fiddled with when it dawned on you. Consequently the photograph becomes worthless as a memory. It can only, and barely, act as a trigger. It is a trigger of something greater, more complex..."

Throughout the month of August 2007 'traces' were collected. These traces were fragments of objects, useless items which had already served their purpose. These fragments served as memory triggers for important moments throughout the day and were collected, categorised, labelled and stored. The numbers assigned to each trace could tell you where and when it was selected, its colour, weight, material, size and purpose. These numbers were then translated into mathematical formulae which could be drawn into large illustrations which were complex but would perfectly describe the items, in order and thus provide a perfect picture of the day. On understanding the system, one could remember with mathematical accuracy every day in August 2007. Whilst the system was cold and calculated, the memories it drew were heartfelt and critical traces of a month which had passed. 

Additional projects in the collection included 'Remembering August 2007' limited run art prints (various sizes) and 'One Day' steel sculpture, 30 x 30 x 30cm.

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