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Amy Jackson is a British artist based in East London. Jackson studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at the University of Oxford, 2005 - 2008 and later returned to The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment to study Sustainable Finance.


She is a conceptual artist with 15 years’ experience blending philosophy, nature and science to create meticulous immersive experiences in traditional galleries and unconventional spaces. Her work includes street art, happenings, photography, painting and found objects. 


Jackson explores issues such as climate change, consumerism, mental health, social inequalities and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked. Her work often exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches. 


Experience spans art commissions for Kensington + Chelsea Art Week to public speaking on climate change. Her work has been featured in the Times, Art World Magazine, Modern Art Oxford, Time Out and The Tate Britain.

Artist Statement

I am a conceptual artist and known for my work in responsible investment (an important part of my activism). Recognising the tragedies of the human condition in the Hypercapitalst Era, I seek to challenge critical environmental and socioeconomic issues.


Key themes include climate change, capitalism, social media, mental health and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked. I realise ideas using a variety of mediums, techniques and aesthetics. The art often exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches.


I create street art, installations and participatory events which encourage us to pause and reflect. My work engages with stakeholders through borderless participation and aims to create a net positive impact and minimal environmental footprint. 


My objects of art are conceptual in nature, treading lightly and consciously on the planet. Though they comment on grotesque art movements it takes a departure from them. Stepping back from the making of the celebrity YBAs (a product of the greed emerging from 80’s capitalism) my work takes solace in minimalist conceptualism. 

Cleaning Squares for example, is a series of happenings taking place from 2005 to present. Daily dice are rolled to determine time and location and perfect squares, the length of the artists feet are cleaned and labelled. This darkly humorous street art and performance piece comments upon mental health and the state of the planet.

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