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Commission, Vendi Eventi, Sabina, Italy

Vendi Eventi, Sabina, Italy. Installation: found objects, steel cubes, maps etc.

Vendi Eventi, Sabina, Italy. Installation, found objects, steel cubes, maps etc.

"Man's only real possession is his memory. In nothing else he is rich, in nothing else he is poor."

Hundreds of steel cubes were hand welded. These were taken across villages in the region of Toffia, Italy. People were invited to trade the steel cubes for something which they deemed to be of equal value. This relational aesthetic piece was exhibited for Vendi Eventi and viewers were able to take steel cubes and replace them with something else which the participant deemed to be of equal value. The piece itself posed questions of the value we place on inanimate objects and posited notions of memory, collection and sentiment. This image depicts the exhibition. Individual items from the exhibition are on sale as "lucky dip" conceptual art pieces. Each piece is labelled with the time and date it was donated and a code that describes the object.

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