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Stitch II

31,876 holes restitched into The Times Compendium, 1876

A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else he is rich. In nothing else he is poor.

Stitch later continued upon the work of Every ‘a’. The project, like much of Jackson’s early work, explored mental health. In the depths of every human psyche lurks immutable fears. These uncertainties manifest themselves in variations of erratic and irrational behaviour. Often, in an attempt to control these fears control is subsequently lost.


Stitch involved the removal of over 31,876 holes from The Times Compendium 1876. These ‘holes’ were then exhibited in an installation and over the subsequent ten years, each hole was painstakingly stitched back into the correct place in the original antique compendium. The antique was then destroyed, questioning value, memory and time.

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