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HRH Princess Margaret, 20 Years 20 Artworks

Untouchable, a Commission for Ken Griffiths Bureau, 15 Bateman Street, London, UK

Untouchable - Glimpses of the Mercurial World. Unlockable NFT, limited run of 4 and original collage (set of 4)

In this polyptych we see a princess of a capricious and colourful character - stuck. Standing static amidst the mercurial world that surrounds us all. In the piece she remains an unwilling anchor, cast in stone in a fluid and ever changing reality that she can’t quite touch. Jarring cultural references and visual cues throughout the work tell a tale of extremes and the everyday. Whilst we often associate untouchability to poverty, extreme wealth and stature share one very real challenge with destitution - a denial of humanity. The two antipodes of luxury and poverty are both forcibly removed from familiar convention. Often losing the right to enjoy the simple pleasures that make us human and whilst one position is certainly more enviable than the other, it too comes riddled with obstacles and oppression. Referring to the vibrancy of HRH Princess Margaret’s eclectic life and her rebellious nature, the piece delves deeper. Opening the curtains onto four surreal windows where worlds collide and transcend around her.

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