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Cleaning Squares

Performance and Street Art Piece, 2005 - Present



Happenings, books, photographic documentation

Obsession - unstoppable, unbendable, unbreakable. 


In the depths of every human psyche lurks a constant fear. These fears manifest themselves in variations of erratic and irrational behaviour. Often to control these fears, control is subsequently lost. 

Daily, die were rolled to determine time and location. Within these parametres perfect squares, the length of the artist's feet, were cleaned and labelled with the time and date of the job. The piece itself was an ongoing performance piece and documentation of these performances were recorded in books and photographs. 

Life is a process I am bound by nature to endure. It is not life in itself which provokes such trepidation but my lack of control over it. I can direct it to a path but essentially I have minimal insight into its fate. Life does what it wants it follows its own routes, it strays from the path and wanders into the road. It gets pushed and shoved around and consequently knocks me about in the meantime. Knowing how futile any attempt at control I am perhaps destined for fear. Is a loss of control inextricably bound to loss of the mind? Trepidation increases as control declines and yet something tells me that a full life, a superlative lie can only exist alongside this uncertainty and insecurity. what would life be devoid of surprise, of spontaneity? There is therefore little which is more paradoxical than the human effort to control. Rituals, routines, habits, systems, rules... why? These consume us, engulf us. Their absence leads to anxiety. Their presence is purely a false sense of security. A fraud. We do not control our own routines, rituals and rules. They in fact control us. Nothing controls them in fact but pure chance, fate, luck. Rituals engulf us all. Time allows for little and in the midst of all our planning. All our preparation. Disaster can and will often strike. Yet what these routines, these rituals provide for me is invaluable. An easiness that things could just work out. A sense that somewhere along the line I have some authority, some influence. 

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