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The SHIM Social Justice Network
Artists committed to changing the world through the way that they work or the work that they make

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The SHIM Social Justice Network was founded in 2022, established to break down the barriers which prevent many talented artists from entering the artworld, gaining exposure and exhibiting in major cities worldwide due to elitism, cost and logistics. 

SHIM's mission takes the draconian art-fair and exhibition model and turns it upside down. Traditionally, wall-space costs and the expense of shipping around the world meant that many unrepresented artists cannot participate. Even those represented by galleries would be expected to share significant commission with their agents. Plus shipping artwork all over the world isn't only expensive but inhibitive for artists in some corners of the world and incredibly polluting. 

By creating a network, artist, activist and sustainability specialist Amy Jackson is on a mission to build a network of talented artists from all over the world, promote the work they are doing and ensure that artists are seen worldwide from Miami to Venice, from Bridgeport to Berlin. How? By using the Exquisite Corpse concept pioneered by the Surrealists, the artist arranges the SHIM Social Justice Network into a range of carefully curated objects d'art including every member of the network in one piece.


The standalone piece becomes a piece of art in its own right, each artist is promoted individually online and collectors and visitors are presented with a link to view and buy artists' work online via their new Artsy account. Getting work exhibited alongside the likes of Emin, Banksy and Hirst via Artsy is near impossible without gallery representation, until now. Plus artists get to be part of a lifelong network of artists who genuinely want to make the world a better place.

An example of the Exquisite Corpse exhibited by the SHIM Social Justice Network at Miami Art Week, 2022

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