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War Games

2023, hopscotch game, vinyl stickers placed on pavements


Stop talking politics. Talk about children


Popping up across London this interactive public art piece, invites viewers to lift their eyes from their phones, step away from inertia and question:

“why can't we think about the children?”


Through this ephemeral apolitical exhibition, the artist reminds us of the simplicity of childhood. Two unique sites “popped up” in London near Portobello Road and Holland Street. Three more will be revealed in the build up to the festive season including an artist talk about the work, its meaning, and how you can help. Find @thisisamyjackson to see the works unfold over the next few weeks and find out where new secret locations will be revealed. 


In war so few of those left intact are innocent civilians, even less are minors. From Ukraine to Gaza, Yemen to Syria, Afghanistan to Israel, Sudan to Mali the casualties are predominantly children. "I wish they could halt falling bombs with their laughter. Instead, missiles silence their tears and steal their dreams."


Gentle pastels mirror the childhood game of hopscotch whilst a closer look reveals the harsh reality of children lost in conflict through data points which highlight the information in a sensitive and educational way.  Invited to jump on the hopscotch, viewers literally “stomp out” the idea that any child affected by war is acceptable. The cold data reminds us that these are not figures, these are kids. Who cannot vote. Who are apolitical by nature. That simply need our support, not our silence. 

"War does not teach us who is right, only who is left."

Save the Children International

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Coming Home Soon

United in hope for Israel's kidnapped


Support the hostages and missing families forum

Medical Aid Palestine


Support the urgent response 

Amy Jackson is an award-winning conceptual artist, mother and sustainability specialist who is committed to raising awareness around issues surrounding climate change, socioeconomic inequality, mental health, racial and gender equality.

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