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amy jackson

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b. Jacqueline Amy Jackson is known for her darkly humorous works, which tread lightly and consciously on the planet despite their sharply critical social and environmental undertones. Jackson is commonly considered a conceptual artist traversing a myriad of mediums to explore tragedies of the human condition in the hypercapitalist era. She reveals unseen truths and camouflages hidden messages into her minimalist and meticulous acts and objects. Her most notable work Cleaning Squares, referencing mental health and the state of the environment, has seen thousands of ephemeral squares appear around the world since 2005. Other works engage with topics such as climate change, consumerism and social inequality, often imagining and bringing to life future dystopias.


“All art is political and most artists want to change something in the world… to spur action,” Jackson once commented, a statement that reflects her vision of using art as a tool to inspire change.

installation | performance | sculpture | drawing | street art​


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