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motelbison is part of The Americanas series by Cradeaux Alexander

60 x 60 cm, unframed print, in a limited edition of 10


The "Americana" series was made whilst in lockdown, while the artist sat in the studio and despaired at the politics of blissful ignorance and xenophobia reaching a climax in the US and around the world in reaction to the virus.


"Having been born and raised in America and now transplanted in the UK for many years, the time seemed right to examine a culture I once knew, or thought I knew, before the advent of this current administration and the spread of the hard right around the globe. Nostalgia, sublime, fiction, celluloid, advertising, sexuality, the social theatre, the stench of dreams and their inevitable shortfalls".


The order will be fulfilled on purchase from White Rectangle gallery shop.

motelbison by Cradeaux Alexander

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