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#iamnotarobot seeks to comment on the strange dystopia we find ourselves in, the
inequalities which run deep and the lack of reality of it all.


As throwaway as a meme but equally deliberate enough to get lost in, #iamnotarobot seeks
to highlight the nonsense, determine what makes us human and try to make sense of the
world’s most impossible questions. 


Each colourful image from the seried iis filled with nine photographs by the artist. Each order is signed and comes with a guarantee by the artist. This Triptych includes unthinkable vanity, existential doubt and gentle persuasions. Each print in the range is restricted to a limited run of 100.


We use Fotospeed Matt Ultra Paper, 240gsm. A smooth matt paper with a bright whiteness. Images are sharp, crisp and vibrant, with great density and vivid colours.



Without Frame: 680mm x 355mm

Including White Frame: 720mm x 395mm

Including Black Frame: 708mm x 383mm


Frame Sizes:

Black Lacquer: 14mm width x 13mm depth

White Lacquer: 20mm width x 22mm depth

Custom: A range of sizes and materials can be selected, please enquire if you can't see what you need. 


Borders: White, Blue, Black or Grey. 


As standard, we supply high quality (PMMA), ultra-clear, acrylic safety glazing. This is proven to have the same reflective properties and appearance as glass. It filters out 99% of UV light. We use a thicker 3mm acrylic for frames larger than A2 size, to give a more robust feel.

#iamnotarobot - vanity, doubt & persuasions - Framed Prints - Signed

Frame Colour
Border Colour
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